Sun Valley
25 square mile Master Planned Community with Mixed Use Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Golf Courses and Complete Public Infrastructure Improvements - Buckeye, Arizona
American Beauty Homes
1200 Unit Mixed Use Residential Condominium Development with Commercial Park - County of Los Angeles, California

Terrenea Resort
Rancho Palos Verdes -A Destination Hotel, Villas, Castias, Bungalos,Public Golf Courses, Trails, and Beaches.
South Mountain Ranch
920 Acre Mixed Residential, Golf Community, Phoenix, Arizona

Power Ranch Specific Plan
1.3 Square Mile Mixed Use Residential Community with Golf Course - Queen Creek, Arizona Set across Queen Creek – Coordinated with Army Corps of Engineers/State of Ariz. Fish and Game Department

Sun Ridge Canyon
A 600 Acre Mixed Use Residential Community with Golf Course - Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona

Rancho Vista
A 500 acre plus Master Planned, Mixed Use Community.  The golf course, a Private-Public partnership, also served as an L. A. County Regional Storm Water Detention facility providing protection to thousands of acres of residential and commercial properties downstream.
Palmdale, California